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re: They Call It Azerite


Wyrmhearth Tavern, Thelsamar, Loch Modan. Sunday, May 13, 2018, early morning.


“What the FEL were you thinking?!”

Sidda winced a bit as Ogumel raised his voice after he closed the door to the room and activated the privacy ward on it, wanting to keep the conversation amongst themselves and to ensure that they did not wake up anyone at that early hour in the morning. She had anticipated that he would ultimately be angry at her for going to Silithus in the first place, which resulted in her avoiding to tell him about her idea to go there in the first place. She also knew that this conversation would have to be had after she had gotten back, regardless of what happened to her. Even so, she found herself ill-prepared for this, especially since she had ended up getting herself injured in the process. She felt the urge to go to a corner, feeling small, but she was stuck in the bed she was half laying down in, propped up only by several pillows behind her and lacking the strength to fully sit up. Not that she could even bear fully sitting up, given the immense amount of pain she felt from the recently stitched up hole in her side. All she could manage to get herself to do was to say, “I’m sorry,” again, hanging her head in shame and unable to look Og in the eye.

Ogumel just frowned at her and shook his head, proceeding to begin pacing around the room. He eyed Charnia, who was sitting near the warmth of the hearth with her arms crossed, and shook his head. He was already assuming that she had known about this, given her lack of response to the whole situation. It didn’t help that she was in a ‘quiet grump’ mood, which indicated to him that she was unwilling to talk, a sign of guilt on her part. He sighed and pinched his nose, despite what little effect it had on him, and looked at Sidda. “Tell me what happened. Directly from yer point o’ view.” He had already heard enough from Charnia, but he wanted to here it from Sidda herself.

Sidda looked up and Og and swallowed a bit. “Well… I…” Sidda looked down at her hands and took a breath. “I had to go there.”

Og frowned and folded his arms, giving Sidda a stern look. “Why?”

Sidda briefly looked back up at Og, only to shift her gaze back to her hands, avoiding Og’s gaze. “I… just had to.” Upon hearing a dissatisfied grumble from Og, she turned her gaze to his folded arms. “I had only seen the blade from afar, and not up close. And I heard a lot of rumors about the ore coming out of the ground near the wound in the world and its origin. I’ve heard that it might be something related to the Old Gods, and I’ve heard that it is…” She paused, not sure if she should continue.

Ogumel stepped closer to Sidda, keeping his gaze on her. “What else?” He had heard plenty of rumors of the ore as well, and wasn’t sure what it was himself.

Sidda chewed on her lower lip a bit before looking up at Og’s gaze. “...I’ve heard that it is the blood of our world. The blood of Azeroth.”

Ogumel’s frown deepened at those words: he has heard plenty of rumors indicating the same thing. Not to mention that there has been plenty of talk that Azeroth, the world that they lived on, was in actuality a slumbering Titan, a Titan that had yet to be born. Oh, he was sure the Explorer’s League have been having a field day with these rumors, and if they end up being true…

What would that mean for all of them? What would happen when Azeroth stopped slumbering and awoke?

Ogumel shook his head, burying the thoughts for another time, another day. He put his focus back onto the problem before him; Sidaria, his unofficial ‘adopted daughter’, sitting in bed in front of him, bandaged up and, from what he was told, had escaped death. “...alright, so ye ‘ad yer reasons ter go. Why did ye not tell me?”

“...because you would not have approved such a mission.”

“Yer damn right I wouldn’t have.” Ogumel firmly stated. Silithus was a dangerous place already before the blade and the wound appeared. Now, it’s arguably even more dangerous because of it and the ore appearing from the ground, bringing both the Alliance and the Horde to the region and sparking confrontations between the two major factions. “Silithus is too dangerous for most anyone ter go galavanting over there.” He then pointed over towards Charnia by the hearth, causing a frown to form on her face. “But ye told Charnia about it. Why didn’t ye at least bring ‘er along?”

Sidda looked back up at Og. “Because bringing someone along with me would’ve made it harder for me to sneak in and out of there.”

“Per’aps,” Og responded, “But at least ye would’ve ‘ad someone ter ‘elp ye get in and out quickly.”

Charnia let out a huff of irritation. “I did not want to go. Told her not to go.” She then shifted a bit before curling up closer to the fire. “Leave me out of this.”

Ogumel turned his gaze over to Charnia, not expecting her to respond, and frowned at her. He then closed his eyes and shook his head, knowing from past experiences that it wasn’t worth getting her worked up, and returned his gaze to Sidda, who had sense turned her gaze back to her hands. He then let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair, knocking out ice chips out of it. “...well, was it at least worth it ter ye? Ye’re now lookin’ at time out o’ commission.” He then folded his arms again, becoming stern once more. “And yer stunt with not callin’ fer ‘ealin’ before work ain’t gonna ‘elp ye.”

“...I know,” Sidda said quietly. “ wasn’t my brightest move…”

“Ye’ve grown stubborn, that’s fer certain,” Og said, “but don’t be too stubborn. Stop puttin’ yerself at so much risk ter ‘elp others. Take care o’ yerself as well.” He then paused a moment. “...don’t be like me. Ye can bleed ter death. I… am pretty sure I can’t.”

Sidda nodded slowly in response, and Og let out another sigh. He looked at Sidda again, one last question to ask: “Did ye at least complete yer self-appointed mission?”

Sidda looked up at Og and paused a moment before reaching for her bag, placed on the bed with her to keep within grabbing reach. She pulled a container and opened it up. As she did, Og watched as a small glow escaped from the box, and Charnia herself had uncurled and was looking up suddenly in interest. She looked at the two and reached in and pulled out a fist-sized piece of blue-yellow tinted ore.

Ogumel stared at the ore in Sidda’s hand before looking back at her. “May I see it?” Sidda nodded at him and held the ore out to him. He reached out and picked it up in his currently-ungloved hand and looked at it. He closed his hand around, blinking as he felt something rush through him. He involuntarily took a breath, despite the fact that he doesn’t need to breath. He opened up his hand and looked at the ore again. He could feel it pulse in his hand, but it wasn’t a sensation of feeling.

It was power. Raw, unbridled power.

Sidda sat there, studying Og’s reaction to the ore and comparing it to what she had felt as she first laid her hand on the substance. “...they call it Azerite.”

Ogumel blinked and looked back at Sid, broken from the stupor from holding the ore. “What?”

“They call it Azerite,” Sidda said again. “ least that’s what the others are saying it is. From the debate and the rumors I’ve heard.”

Ogumel blinked again. “, they’re naming it after Azeroth?”

Sidda nodded. “Yes. Between the name and the… ore itself, I’m… pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the Old Gods. Or the Void.” A frown creeps onto her face. “...which means…”

“...the rumors that Azeroth is a Titan aren’t as far fetched as they seem…” Ogumel responded quietly, continuing to hold the ore, marveling in the power he could feel coming from it. It was fascinating, addicting…

It had to be contained.

Ogumel turned to reach into his own pack and pulled out a stone jar that he would put dried herbs into. He placed the glowing ore into it and closed the lid. “I’ll ‘old onta this bit. I want ter see what this… Azerite, might be capable of.”

Sidda looked at Og and frowned lightly. “...if it is Azeroth’s blood…”

“All the more reason ter look inter it,” Og stated. “I’m sure the Alliance is already over it, but I’m sure the Council would benefit from knowing about what we’re dealin’ with as well.” He then looked at Sidda. “I ‘ave a few gnomish containers that are meant ter… ‘old some volatile compounds. I’ll bring some over fer ya as soon as I can. In the meantime…” Og adopted a stern look towards Sidda again. “Stay. In. Bed. And get some rest. We’ll continue the discussion later.”

“...alright,” Sidda responded quietly, hanging her head again.

Og nodded before turning towards Charnia before saying, “Make sure she stays in bed,” which earned him a huff of annoyance from Charnia before a nod. He then turned around exited the room, closing the door behind him.

Stopping at the foot of the staircase leading to the main floor, he pulled out the stone jar and looked inside it again, staring at the glowing ore. This ‘Azerite’ had a lot of potential.

And he was going to learn as much as he could about it, whether from his own experimentation or from information from other sources.

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