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re: Late Night Tea

Faru eyed the labels on top of the small tins as she looked through the various tins of tea in the pantry in the kitchen, using the dim light of the kitchen fire to eye the names listed on them, all the while muttering to herself. “I know it should be in this stack… ahh, here we go.” She picks out a tin of a blend of late-night tea, one meant to soothe and help bring about sleepiness. She sets it aside as she puts a kettle filled with water over the fire, smiling.

Though it is quite rare for her to be up this late, the events that occured that night were not ordinary; the Council had been called to the Caverns of Time to witness (and for some, participate) in a Trial by Combat, with Rosalyn having been the one on trial. It did not turn out that well; Rosalyn was punished for not obeying the instructions of the elder dragon, Saryl, and ‘finishing’ off Ariel in the trial, something that Faru found rather disturbing, regardless of what magic was employed to ensure that no one died. What she found equally revolting was the method in which Rosalyn was punished, something that has angered almost everyone else that was present, Enna especially.

Faru frowned sadly. She eyed the kettle over the fireplace and decided to move to the main room of the Wyrmhearth to wait for the water to heat up. She walked through the entryway and walked towards the hearth, where she spotted a prone form lying down on top of a bear fur blanket in front of the hearth that she almost immediately recognized as Sidda. Raising an eyebrow, she quietly approached her and sat down behind her, resulting in her stirring and looking behind her. “Sidda, are you still awake?”

Sid looked over Faru slowly and stared for a few seconds before responding. “...yeah.”

“Can’t sleep?”

“” Sid turned back around and stared into the hearth’s flames.

Faru nodded. “...I understand. It was a long evening.”
“It was a horrible evening.” Sidda responded flatly.

“...yes, it was.” Faru responded sadly. “I had hoped to see Rosa do her best and win, which she technically did. I did not expect them to… want her to go that far.”

“He wanted her to kill Ariel.” Sid turned around and looked back at Faru, eyes glowing in anger. “That Bronze bastard wanted her to kill her. To ‘finish the job’.”

“Yes, he wanted to push her and ensure that she would follow orders given to her… even with how cruel those orders were. But they had measures to ensure that everyone would be alright, regardless of what happened.” Faru frowns, unhappy with the thought.

“And how could we have known that those measures would have worked? What if they had failed, or they had taken them down or had chosen not to use them?”

“But they did. The magic worked and returned Og, Enna, and Ariel back to where they were before they entered.”

Sid growled. She fully turns around, sitting up and looking at Faru. “It doesn’t matter that it worked! What if it didn’t, or they chose not to use it?! Rosa could’ve…” Sid pauses, shifting her gaze to the floor. “...she could’ve killed Ariel.”

Faru frowned sadly, looking at Sid as she continued. “Is pure obedience really what they wanted? Why go that far? Why make her… kill one of us? I don’t understand.” Sid’s head tilted lower as she began musing on that thought. Faru sighed as she watched that, trying to think of what to do to help. She then remembered the water kettle she put above the fire in the kitchen and got up to go retrieve that. Grabbing the tin of tea she had retrieved earlier, she proceeded to get two mugs and prepared two cups of tea, thankful for the fact that the kettle held enough water for two.

She brought out the two mugs of tea back over to the hearth in the main room and sat next to Sid, who had by then turned back to the hearth. Sitting beside her, Faru smiled at her and passed a mug of tea to Sidda, who took ahold of it and looked into it before turning and looking at Faru. “ know I don’t like tea that much.”

Faru shrugged. “I know. But I know you have drunk it before. And even then, the aroma might help anyway.”

Sid turned back to her mug of tea and sniffed it a bit for a little while. “ does smell nice…” she responded before proceeding to take a sip, causing Faru to smile.

“See? I told you.”

The two of them sat in silence for a while, watching the flames in the hearth flicker and burn away at the logs within and sipping at their tea, Faru deciding to match her pace to Sid’s tea-drinking pace. Sid continued to silently muse before finally breaking the silence. “...she didn’t… no one deserves what happened to her.”

“No.” Faru responded, a sad tone in her voice. “No one does. Not for that. That is no way to ‘teach’ anyone anything. Only to inflict pain.”

Sid nodded. “...I know Rosa wasn’t always good. Neither was Alice. They were once our enemies… but Rae and Enna saw good in them. And helped them show it.” She frowns. “Why can’t they see that? I know their duty is to protect the timeways… but still…”

Faru nodded. “I… I have done some research on the Dragonflights over the last few years to learn, and I know about the conflict between the Bronze and the Infinite. Even then, I find it… hard to believe that most of them would be like this… Saryl.”

“Maybe… there’s Tera at least. At least she’s willing to help.” Sid responded quietly.

Faru nodded “Perhaps there are more who share Tera’s view.”

“Maybe… though Tera knows us…”

Faru shrugged. “There is still a chance.”

Sid nodded, focusing her gaze back on the fire. “ least this whole fiasco let me learn one thing”

Faru raised an eyebrow at Sid, curious. “What was it that you learned from tonight?” She blinked as Sid let out a snicker before looking back at her with an expression that made Faru worry a bit.

“That perhaps being the daughter of a dead Flight isn’t such a bad thing,” Sid said before her gaze back to the flames. “No elder Wyrms to deal with and worry about, no Flight to put me on trial for something stupid. All I have to worry about is that murderous prick of a ‘Prince’,” Sid practically spat out the last few words, as if they left a horrible taste on her mouth.

Faru blinked at Sid and looked at her for a few moments. She then slowly got up to her feet, walked over behind Sid and sat down behind her. Without a word, she picked up Sid (who let out a small meep) and put her in her lap before enveloping her in a big, warm hug from behind. “...perhaps. Though that does sound quite lonely.” She smiled down at Sid. “It’s a good thing you have a big family here for support. And to give you plenty of hugs.”

Sid looked up at Faru for a bit before looking back at the hearth, deciding not to fight the hug from the Pandaren woman and just relax into it. Besides, it was nice and warm and made her feel better. “...yeah.” She stares at the flames, watching them continue to flicker. “...I was mean to Rosa before. I… I should apologize.”

Faru smiled. “You can apologize to her later.” She then turned her gaze back to the flames herself as the two sat there for a while.

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