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About Dragonsworn Council
Dragonsworn Council is an active, growing, medium-RP guild for World of Warcraft on the US Wyrmrest Accord realm.

Originally founded on Sentinels in 2010, Dragonsworn Council is an active family comprised of mortals and dragons alike that strive to assist and support the various Dragonflights on Azeroth.

We have a longstanding tradition of lasting storylines and regular RP events that involve our entire community, and while "dragon" is the theme of the guild, our storylines don't necessarily always involve them to a significant extent. That said, you won't find any shortage of them around here. ;)

We host the weekly public Wyrmhearth Tavern event in Loch Modan every Saturday at 8:00 PM server time. Stop by and say hi!
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